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( Since - 1885 )

A sedate and pristine location- the Queen of the hills, Darjeeling, is the exotic niche of Arya Tea Estate. The plantation spreads across 125 hectares and starting at an altitude of 1820 meters spreads down to 900 meters with average of 1500 meters. Producing 70 tons annually, Arya is prolific producer and exporter of the finest range of Black Tea and the delicate varieties of Green Tea. It also has a range of its own jewels- Ruby (Black Tea), Emerald (Green Tea), Pearl (White Tea), Diamond (Chunky Tips) and Topaz (Oolong).Jasmine and Rose Teas.



In 1763 Buddhist Monks set out on an unknown expedition. It is now assumed that they were in search of a place to build a monastery. And that they found one in a beautiful, sloping terrain at Darjeeling- Queen of the hills.

Besotted by the scenic beauty, the monks decided to build the monastery right there, at an area called the Observatory Hill. An exodus of monks and Bhutia tribesmen was witnessed soon as the construction of the monastery hastily underway.

Construction was completed in 1765 with the monastery being christened as” Darjeeling”. The area attracted inhabitants from nearby.

Sikkim, with monks and tribesmen slowly generating a population of sorts. There was also a brief period of turmoil, when the Nepalese army attacked the monastery unsettling the monks and making them run for cover up the nearby hills. The monks had by now formed a strong base in the region, but had to wait for the Nepalese army to leave the hills in 1810 before moving back in. They slowly expanded their presence and gave rise to a thriving township – Darjeeling.


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